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Archive 2009-10  Article 23  negotiations
Collective Bargaining often results in an exchange of proposals until agreement is reached.  Negotiations for the 2007-2010 contract, however, resulted in impasse. Impasse is resolved following a procedure laid out in Florida statutes. First a Special Magistrate made recommendations about how to resolve the articles taken to impasse (Articles 10, 16, and 23). The two sides accepted the magistrate's recommendations on Article 16, but rejected portions of his recommendations on the other two articles. The final versions of Articles 10 and 23 were determined by the Board of Trustees on January 14, 2010. The final contract is the versions of Articles 10, 16, and 23 described above, plus versions of all other articles agreed upon by the two parties during negotiations. The next step is a vote on ratification by the UFF.

The contract proposed for ratification, the 2007-2010 Collective Bargaining Agreement is being reviewed and is not yet available. Article 23, Salaries, for the 2009-2010 year is currently being negotiated.  To see proposals, click on the appropriate link below.


Negotiating Negotiaing UFF Proposal Date BOT Proposal Date
Article 23, Salaries 2009-2010 Proposal #1 01/26/2010 Proposal #1 01/26/2010
  Proposal #2 02/16/2010 Proposal #2 03/01/2010
  Proposal #3 03/12/2010 Proposal #3 03/22/2010
BOT #4 delivered after impasse declared UFF declares impasse 04/06/2010 Proposal #4 06/07/2010
Impasse proposals impasse proposal 07/12/2010 Proposal #5A 07/12/2010
BOT letter regarding Proposals #5A & #5B     Proposal #5B 07/12/2010
MOU 2010-07-14 re: scope of bargaining        
Special Magistrate's recommendation UFF response 10/21/2010 BOT response 10/19/2010
      Impasse Proposal 10/21/2010