Collective Bargaining


In-unit employees are encouraged to resolve their problems informally whenever possible, but within the 30-day time limit for filing grievances.

According to Article 20, Grievance Procedure and Arbitration, UCF and the UFF "encourage open communications between administrators and employees so that resort to the formal grievance procedure will not normally be necessary. The parties further encourage the informal resolution of grievances whenever possible. At each step in the grievance process, participants are encouraged to pursue appropriate modes of conflict resolution." Grievances should provide explicit detail about how the CBA was violated. Unless it is a disciplinary grievance, Article 20.4 states: "the burden of proof shall be on the employee." The forms necessary to complete when filing a grievance are below. They are filed in the Office of the Provost, MH 338.

Types of Grievances:

Exclusive Assignment Dispute Resolution Grievance Form, Appendix F

If you would like to speak with your union representative, the UFF has several faculty members who act as Grievance Representatives. A listing of these Representatives and the Contract Enforcement Co-Chair may be found at: